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Full life anti impact vibration and noise reduction telescopic device (small "Xiangyun gap") ®”)

With the increasing demand for high-quality living, reducing traffic noise has become a necessity. When a vehicle passes through a telescopic device, it will generate impact vibration and pulse noise, which can cause fatigue and early damage to the telescopic device components under repeated dynamic loads. In view of this, Leading Run Dream Group has upgraded and iterated on the basis of its independently developed first generation S-seam, and developed a "full life impact resistant vibration reduction and noise reduction telescopic device". Due to its shape resembling Xiangyun, it is also known as the small "Xiangyun seam". This product has the characteristics of simple structure, beautiful appearance, easy installation, and no need for maintenance. At the same time, it has the advantages of good impact resistance, high structural stiffness, long fatigue life, and the best overall life cost.

Assembly type three-dimensional displacement intelligent vibration and noise reduction telescopic device (large "Xiangyun gap") ®”)

The prefabricated three-dimensional displacement intelligent vibration reduction and noise reduction expansion device is a revolutionary iterative upgrade product based on our group's independently developed three-dimensional displacement modular expansion device. It has added five major systems, which comprehensively and accurately play the functions of the expansion device to the extreme. In a true sense, it has achieved the glorious mission of safeguarding the main structure of bridges, representing the world's most advanced, reliable, easy to maintain, and ultra long service life bridge structure protection products! This product greatly increases the maintenance space of the expansion device, extends its service life, reduces the comprehensive cost of bridge construction, and also promotes the development of prefabricated, multifunctional, and intelligent expansion devices. It is a disruptive bridge structure protection product that leads the global industry change.

Damping isolation multi ball crown support ("multi tire support")

Damping isolation multi ball crown bearings transform the single ball crown of traditional ball bearings into multiple ball crowns, breaking them into smaller parts, increasing the applicability of the structure, precision and quality of production and processing, and convenience of installation and replacement, reducing production and maintenance costs. They have stronger adaptability to overloading and eccentric loads. Under the same material usage conditions, they can achieve higher bearing capacity and more efficient use of steel and bearing space. The internal use of spring damping systems achieves shock absorption and energy dissipation. Under strong earthquake action, the seismic force transmitted to the structure can be reduced by 3-5 times. This product is one of the most durable bridge isolation and structural protection products in the world today.

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Anti impact and noise reduction single seam expansion device, three-dimensional displacement and isolation modulus expansion device with GO system or GU system.

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